Past Projects funded by the Marshall Sterling Run 4 Downtown

All the proceeds from the Marshall & Sterling Run 4 Downtown go to revitalizing Middletown’s Historic district to its former beauty.

The 2018 R4DT raised $23,967 – money that will be pooled with funds raised in 2017 to complete a project in the soon-to-be-built Erie Way park. An official announcement will be made when the plans for the park are finalized – as of October 2018, the architects were busy working on those plans.

Addtional work has been completed in Run 4 Downtown Park to with Run 4 Downtown funds. In November 2016, Tony Monaco Landscaping built a permanent stage to host the Thursday evening performances of the Middletown Summer Concert Series. Kathleen Rifkin, architect, drew up the plans for the nearly 300square foot stage. This project represented an investment by the R4DT in excess of $14,000.